Statistics Consulting Center


Consulting appointments are available from September 2018 until April 2019.

For an appointment, please e-mail In your e-mail, provide a short description of your consulting needs and indicate what time you prefer to meet. Be aware that during the semester there may be a wait list for an appointment.

The Statistical Consulting Center, located in 1809 Wesley W. Posvar Hall, is a consulting service that is part of the department and offered to the Pitt community.

Researchers from all corners of the University use the center for their work. Recent examples include shear sensor validation for seating, animal models for treatment effect in lung injury, biases and patterns in team member selection, and analyses of similarities in medieval documents.

In addition, the center serves as an umbrella organization for all statisticians in the University by providing lectures, seminars, and professional short courses.

The following six graduate students are available for appointments. To make an appointment, please e-mail

Channing Parke

Elmi Kaheerma 

Jiaxuan Duan 

Joseph (Nico) Gabriel 

Klaire Roggeman 

Peiliang Zhang